We all know penguins are not able fly. Why ? we all are curious about this thing . lets start a story then we will discuss why penguins cant fly

Polar bear: Hello moose! Why can not penguins fly?

Moose: I do not know.

Polar bear: As a result of they do not manage to pay for to buy aircraft tickets!

Moose: That is chilly, guy. Really, really cold.


OK, in order that‘s an previous comic story, however we nonetheless find it irresistible! And it made us WONDER…why can not penguins fly? Finally, they’re birds, don’t seem to be they?

Sure, penguins are aquatic, flightless birds that reside within the Southern Hemisphere, particularly Antarctica. Not like the wings of different birds, penguins’ wings are extra like flippers that lead them to specifically suited for lifestyles within the water.

Actually, penguins are so suited for an aquatic lifestyles that their agile swimming seems relatively very similar to a bird flying during the air. Their clean feathers lure air, which makes them extra buoyant within the water and protects them from the cold water.

Penguins spend about part their time within the water and part their time on land. When they are on land, their flippers and their tails lend a hand them stay their stability and stroll upright. In the event that they need to transfer briefly, regardless that, they incessantly slide on their bellies in a motion known as tobogganing.

Scientists consider penguins’ inability to fly stems from the truth that they most probably had no predators the place they lived way back. As a result of penguins lived close to water and needed to depend upon the oceans for meals, they tailored through the years to transform extra aquatic, exchanging true wings for flippers.

As they exist these days, it is simple to look why penguins can not fly. Their flippers tailored for lifestyles within the water merely can not generate sufficient elevate to get their chunky our bodies into the sky. That is very true for the most important species of penguin, the Emperor Penguin. Emperor Penguins stand over 3 ft tall and will weigh 75 kilos or extra.

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