Have you ever been informed that Gaming is a wastage of time? Is it accurate to say that it was your mother? On the other hand your father? Alternately your educator? who said this on the grounds that at whatever point you see them next let them know, “Its Bullshit”. Gaming has advanced ten times from the 8 Bit NES Games and the negative marks of gaming have transformed into benefits amid this time. Here are the Top 4 Reasons you can provide for any individual who lets you know that Gaming doesn’t give you anything.

Gamers Have Better Approximate Calculations

Approximate Calculations here means time estimates, depth estimates etc. When gamers play games such as Prince of Persia or any other game which involves sudden actions such as a jump during a wall run, they get an idea about how to calculate an estimated time while they are trying to complete the move and when a real life situation strikes, their brain automatically applies the same idea over the problem and it is solved easily.

Gamers Have Better Reflexes

Ever seen someone who catches a falling object almost instantly? A non-official survey proved that a person who plays video games will catch the object, say a pen, 8 out of 10 times while the person who doesn’t play games often will catch it just 5 out of 10 times. This is due to quick actions in games such as Counter-Strike

Gamers Are Better Team Players

Multiplayer Gamers, where you have to act in a team, even though you don’t know the other gamers fill the spirit of Team Playing and Team Work into gamers and they can easily adjust in a team of people whom they don’t know that much.

Gamers Are More Attentive

People who play games can concentrate at many objects and issues at a time and analyze/solve them all at the same time. Gamers are better puzzle solvers and can easily crack abstract problems. Hence, they are more attentive.

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