Mens V/s Womens

Here is the main points without wasting of time .

                                      BEAT THE ODDS

Few people can expect to live as long as Misao Okawa of Osaka, Japan, who recently died at the age of 117, but women live an average of five to 10 years longer than men. From before birth through every stage of life, men are more likely to die than women. Read on to see how culture, genetics, occupation and other factors play a role in longevity — and what you can do to beat the odds.

                       CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

Men who live a life of crime may increase their risk of dying from an altercation, homicide or other risky, unlawful venture. Throughout history and across all societies, men commit more crimes in nearly every crime category, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. “It’s difficult to know why, although it’s probably due to genetics and sociocultural expectations regarding gender roles,” says Dr. Donald W. Black, professor of psychiatry at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and a consultant for the Iowa prison system. “The observation holds true worldwide. Men are also more likely to die by suicide, accidents and homicides.” Staying on the right side of the law may help you stick around longer.

                           BIGGER BODY SIZE

Bigger isn’t always better as it pertains to longevity. “On average, people over 6 feet tall don’t live as long as people shorter than 6 feet tall,” says Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a New Jersey board-certified anti-aging physician and chief medical officer of CellHealth Institute, a New Jersey company focused on helping people live healthier and longer lives through a cellular approach to health. Studies of a genetic mutation referred to as the Methuselah Gene (named after the oldest man mentioned in the Bible) support this theory. This mutation appears to decrease the cell’s use of a growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), and results in people who tend to be smaller but with a longer-than-average life span. Larger individuals within a species tend to have shorter lives, according to a study published in Medical Hypothesis (2004). This holds true not only for humans but also for most animal species, including fish, insects, primates and dogs.
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