Stock Android has made some amazing progress throughout the years, and the Nexus program has supplanted custom ROMs as the speediest approach to encounter the most recent form. Different producers may at present make different changes to the product, however the experience isn’t as stalled as it used to be.

Why, then, would despite everything you need to discover and introduce a custom ROM? (What’s more, what precisely is a custom ROM?

1) Increase Privacy

Smartphones go wherever our pants go. They linger around in our purses. In the living room, in the car, in the office — they’re there, and they’re picking up a lot of information about us along the way. They know our voices, the people we text, the photos we share, the places we drive, the places we shop, and the games we use to kill time. What do they do with this information?

You can go crazy trying to obtain complete privacy, but flashing a custom ROM does give you a bit more control. Not only can choose not to install certain Google apps, but you often have a greater say in what parts of your phone are accessible.

Just because you have to grant certain permissions to install an app from the Play Store doesn’t mean you have to let it maintain access forever. CyanogenMod also ships with the option to encrypt your texts without having to install another app.

2) Remove Bloatware

Smartphones tend to come with more software installed than we need. Carrier’s often sell devices with their own apps for texting, voicemail, watching video, or other things. Unlocked phones often come with ways to add stickers to photos, doodle using a stylus, or create GIFs that you may have zero interest in.

Even Nexus devices come pre-loaded with Google apps that you may not want.

3) Extend the Life of your Phone

When I buy a computer, I know I’m getting a piece of hardware I can use for years. Generally speaking, I don’t have to replace the thing until I’m tired of it.

That’s not the case with phones. Each device you see in a carrier store comes with an expiration date. Most phones will see updates for no more than two years. Some won’t even make it half that. This leaves buyers stranded on old versions of Android, where they’re vulnerable to security exploits and increasingly less able to run the latest apps.

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