Video games catch a lot of flak for being mindless grindfests that dull the brain. The fact is that gamers are smarter because games are a learning experience too, proving gaming can hone our cognitive functions, or broaden our general knowledge. This is a list comprised of ten of our favorite reasons gamers are smarter.

Let’s go over why we think gamers are smarter than everyone else.


Ironically it may seem like a no brainer that educational games bear educational merit. But when you consider the surprising number of titles that litter platforms, such as the 3DS in particular, you start to realize their impressive scope.Often, these games integrate some of Nintendo’s core mascots to engage them. Again, the fact that these intentionally academic games help us become smarter, is no great shock.

Memory can be fickle, selective, and unpredictable. And apparently nourished by an Italian plumber?… Researchers from the University of California Irvine tested the effects that 2D and 3D games.The individuals that played Angry Birds saw improvement in their memory, but the individuals that played Super Mario 64 saw a 12% increase in their memory tests. Swinging giant lizards by its tail can stimulate the hippocampus. Take that Bowser!

Multi-tasking is a skill that many people lack. RTS gamers do not fall into that hapless bracket. This is straightforward case of practice makes perfect.To put it bluntly, trying to remember whether you left the kettle on whilst poaching some eggs kind of pales in comparison to divvying your attention throughout an army of maniacally shuffling pixels. With that said, we still can’t poach a good egg, but we damn sure can kick some Zerg a**

Whether you’re playing RPG’s or fighting games, this problem solving sharpens our ability.

Next time we put a worrying amount of time into setting up our party in Final Fantasy X, we won’t feel so bad. We’re just fine tuning invaluable life skills.



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