Hello Readers!So today in this Article we will be discussing about features of Android.Here We will discuss about the 5 features that doesn’t comply with ios/iPhone But with Android.As Android is getting popular day by day is due to the features of Android that comes loaded with An Android Phone.Current Updated Version of Android is Nougat!

  • Stylus bolster

Adore them or abhor them, phablets are digging in for the long haul. What’s more, regardless of their advantages, it is still an agony writing with two thumbs on any surface bigger than 5 inches, and that is the place we require styluses. Styluses are additionally imperative information gadgets for innovative experts. iOS, atleast for the present – that may change with the presentation of the supposed iPad Pro any day now – has no support for styluses not at all like Android.

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  • Multitasking

Control clients adore multitasking on Android, dealing with two separate applications without a moment’s delay. iOS, in its offer to moderate battery life, doesn’t offer multitasking, despite the fact that there has been gossipy tidbits about Apple offering this element soon. So, iOS manages to consistently move between open applications generally on account of its smooth advancement.

  • Back Buttons

Android’s back catch gives a truly straightforward and accommodating approach to come back to a past screen regardless of where you are. The catch even works crosswise over applications. On the iPhone, you can utilize just application particular route or hit the home secure to end back on the home screen. That is significantly more swipes and taps that waste your time.

  • Expandable capacity

When you purchase an iPhone, you need to choose heretofore how much storage you will require later. What’s more, in the event that you come up short on storage room later, you have no plan of action other than to move up to another iPhone. Most Android telephones, then again, accompanies expandable memory card openings, which implies that you can continue redesigning them as and when important.

  • Record framework

This is firmly fixing to the iTunes and simplified issue that we specified before. Apple offers no real way to see your records and organizers progressively like you are utilized to on a desktop. On an Android, it is as straightforward as associating your telephone and indicating and double tapping.

So Here were the 5 features of Android.Thanks For Reading.Keep Visiting And Keep Sharing!

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