Reliance Jio isn’t stopping their services, first they came up with Jio Preview Offer which don’t have any requirements like 4GB or 1GB daily limit. Later they announced welcome offer where they provides unlimited calls and 4GB 4G internet per day. Now the ongoing jio offer is Happy New Year offer, now they made some limit on daily data usage !!

As in Welcome Offer they were providing 4GB per day but now they made it just 1GB each day. Which isn’t enough users like us. We are getting many request on on facebook page asking us to any trick to remove that limit.So I am going to share  few tricks on how toremove jio 1GB limit trick bypass solution.

What is Jio 1GB Limit :

In case if you are a new Jio user and don’t have much ideas about its plans then let me tell you about Jio’s 1GB plan, although jio claimed that they are giving unlimited internet but the daily 4G internet is reduced to jio 1gb limit(which was 4GB/day earlier). Which means you won’t get 4G speed after 1GB. Same problem with preview offer, all the remaining offers are completely free like unlimited voice calls and messages. Jio claims that more than 80% users are using less than 1GB
data. The main problem is some users were using less then 1GB data and few were crossing 4GB limit in few hours which fluctuates the data speed so now Jio comes up with 1GB data limit and extended there free service from 31st December to March 31st.

Steps to remove Jio 1GB limit per day:

Visit APN Settings and set protocol as ipv4/ipv6.Open UC browser and download few items till the data reaches 100 MB.This will give you one warning and your internet speed will go down Now just resume the downloads if it works keep on going Change the protocol to ipv6, now turn on jio internet and just do browsing Browse till 50-60 MB then restart the mobile.Repeat the same process to use 6-8 MB.Then again change the protocol to ipv4/ipv6

Post Jio 1GB Limit speed cap:

Once you have used the 1GB from your jio sim then your speed will be reduced to 128 kbps. Which means the internet is unlimited but you can’t download or stream anything. So if you are a heavy user I recommend you to try above method to avoid jio 1GB limit speed cap per a day. Some blogs were published on how to increase jio 1GB limit speed cap but those tricks aren’t working so just limit your jio 1GB per day limit.

How To Use Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick:

So lets start the process without killing our time.To BYPASS JIO’s 1GB LIMIT you need to use old version of Myjio app, and never ever update the jio app again. Here are the steps:

Steps to use Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick

  • First uninstall every Jio related apps, installed on your device and install the old version of MyJio App to bypass JIO’s 1GB limit. Removing JIO’s 1GB limit is damn easy and I will help you in that in as simple manner as I can so you all can Remove Jio’s 1GB limit.
  • Open Older version of Myjio app that you have just installed to remove 1GB limit.
  • Now you will get a list of some JIO apps so click on them and install all 10 apps.
  • After installing every app close your data connection.
  • Then open Myjio app.Just turn on your internet and click on Get Jio Sim.

That’s it !!! Now your JIO HAPPY NEW YEAR OFFER will be converted into Preview offer. As I told earlier JIO Preview Offer is different from JIO Happy New Year offer and Preview offer provides unlimited data. Please don’t update the MyJio App again. You must use this old version of MyJio app and follow the above steps for Removing Jio’s 1GB Daily Limit. This Jio 1GB trick works on almost all devices, once you successfully completed above steps you will be moved to preview offer
where you can track your per day data and even real-time data.

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