Hello readers! Today in this post we will learn “How to Remotely Control Your Android Phone From Your PC”.Its a quite easy to learn process.The software which we will be using is Airdroid. By using airdroid you can easily control your android phone from your computer.You can easily transfer the file,exchange or read the messages and access your apps and games.So Lets get Started.

What is Airdroid and what are its Features?

AirDroid is a  free software which allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac wireless!

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Its Features:-

  • By using AirDroid,You can easily attend calls and messages.
  • Transfers files,apps,games and Documents.
  • You can Trace/Locate you lost Android Device.
  • You can access your Apps and Games.
  • Install/Uninstall your Applications.

How To Install AirDroid and Use It :-

Step 1 : Download AirDroid and Install it on your PC.

Step 2 : After Installing ,Open it and then you will be asked to Sign up/Sign in.If you want to Sign Up an Airdroid account so you can easily sign up by using Gmail Account or Facebook Account.If you have an active Wi-Fi Connection then Tap on the Option of “Configure Wi-Fi Network”


Step 3 : Now go to WiFi Settings and Connect to your default WiFi Network and step forward to your Homescreen.


Step 4 : Now from your PC web browser , Open the URL web.airdroid.com, and you will see a QR Code there.


Step 5: Now Open your AirDroid App and Scan the given QR Code on your Computer Screen.


Step 6: Now you have connected your Android Device with Your PC successfully.Now you can access apps,games and other files and chat or read the messages and attend the calls.

So Now by following these ways you can easily remotely control your android device from your PC.Keep Visiting and Keep Sharing with your Friends.Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Daily Solutions.

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