Hello guys I am back with an amazing tutorial in which I will teach you how to enable VoLTE in any 4G android smartphone.

Do you guys want to activate Hd voice calling VoLTE on your android smartphone ?

Today I am here with a tutorial in which we will tell you how you can make calls on VoLTE on any android mobile without root .

VolTE stands for Voice over LTE network .VoLTE is a technology in which you can make calls on LTE network . Calls on the Lte networks are much clearer and nice to hear then the ordinary calls . Some geeks believe that Volte calls are only possible if Hardware is compatible but we believe that if a smartphone supports 4G/LTE network then it also support VoLTE calls by some tweaks .

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So today we are here with a guide on

  • How to activate VoLTE calls on any android device without rooting .
  • How to Make Calls on VoLTE on any android smartphone For free .
  • There are no special requirements for activating VoLTE calls all you need is a 4G supporting Handset and and 4G activated sim card .


Here are the steps to check if your smartphone is 4G compatible .

  • Open the dialer of your smartphone and dial *#06# .
  • Following the above step will give you the IMEI number of your smartphone .
  • Now note down IMEI number of your smartphone.
  • Now open the website ” imei.info website “.
  • Input your IMEI number of your smartphone on this website and this will tell you if your smartphone is 4G compatible to make VoLTE calls or not

If you find the above method is time taking or you don’t wanna kill your time you can simply follow the method mentioned below :-

The other method to check whether your smartphone is 4G or not is simple as hell.

  • Open Settings.
  • Find out Network Selection and tap on it.
  • Tap on Preferred Network Type and see what it shows you !
  • If it shows LTE/4G  option then your device is 4G.

How to Activate 4G HD Voice Over LTE Call Settings on Android .

  • First of all Open the Dialer of your smartphone
    Now Dial *#*#4636#*#* .
  • After Dialing the above number you will see the phone information .
  • Now in the options there will be a option to activate LTE services , just enable that .
  • After enabling go to the Cellular Network Settings .
  • Now enable Enable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode .
  • After Enabling simply Reboot your smartphone .

After Enabling the 4G volte you may notice slight difference in the battery backup of your smartphone .

So by following the above guide you will be able to activate VoLTE calling on your smartphone . VoLTE not only let us make clear voice calls but also reduces the chances of call drops .

So this was our tutorial on How to Activate VoLTE calling in any android smartphone without root .

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