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How to Get Rid of Insufficient storage Space Problem in android without root .

Do you get insufficient storage available error while downloading some Applications from Google Playstore Or When you try to install a app or download a file you see the Less storage space available error on screen ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a tutorial on How to Fix Insufficient storage problem in android phone without root 

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It happens many time when we want to download any app from Google Playstore then we end up with toast telling Insufficient Storage error . So today in this guide I will tell you How to Fix Insufficient storage problem in android smartphone without root .
How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available error in Google playstore .
So in this guide to solve the insufficient storage available on this device I will tell you 2 simple methods .

So starting with the First Method:-

Clearing Cache Data

Now as in the above image you can see that there is a Cached data section of 283MB which is basically useless and created in just a week or two . So here is How you can clear the cached Data and fix the no storage space available error .

  • Go to the Settings of your android smartphone .
  • Now search for Storage settings and tap on it .
  • After going in the storage settings you will see a Option of Cached data , Simply press it . After pressing you will see that the Cached data is now reduced to 0 MB .

So this was the first method to Solve the Insufficient storage problem in android .

Now you might be thinking what is cached data and its advantages and disadvantages .

Now let me tell you that Cached Data is temporary data stored by app developers . What the cached data do is whenever you open any website or app the cached files will be used instead of downloading again from servers .

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Cache Data , I had mentioned some of them here.

Advantages :-

The cached data helps in loading the apps and some websites faster .

Disadvantages :-

  • As we mentioned earlier that the data is stored in your smartphone so it is obvious that it will take space on your smartphone . Sometimes the cached data size can reach upto 1.2GB in size.
  • It Freezes the smartphone while using some apps .
  • Makes down the smartphone slow .

So by clearing the cache you will be able to Solve the Insufficient storage available on this device problem .

Fix insufficient storage available on this device Google playstore error .

Method 2 : To fix insufficient storage error :- Moving Apps to SD-card .

By default android downloads the apps to Internal storage of smartphone and sometimes due to Many apps we get insufficient storage space error . There are many apps ( Not all ) you can move to Sd card and increase the Space in your internal storage .

  • Here is How yo can move apps to Sd card to Fix the insufficient storage available in this device error .Goto settings > applications > all .
  • Now Open every app on by one .
    Whenever you will open a app you will see a Move To Sdcard option .

(However in some case you will see that the Move to Sdcard option is blurred which means the app cant be moved to sd card .)

So by moving apps to Sdcard you will be able to solve insufficient storage available error in Android.

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