Hello Readers ! So Today I am gonna tell you How To Install and Activate Xposed and its Framework.

In today’s era majority of people are using Android SmartPhones in comparison to IOS and Windows.

The reason behind this is non other then its freedoms !!! Android is open source project it means it allow their users to modify and make some required change in it according to their needs !!! I guess there is no limitations of a Rooted Android Device, after rooting a Android Device you may actually control it and run it as you want !!! Rooting android gives us 100% control over our device but only if you are a programmer and you know how to programme the tweaks !!!

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Oh No !!!

A Programmer 😤😤😤

Relax Guy’s I can’t make you a programmer but trust me I am gonna tell you how to tweak your smartphone.

So if you want to tweak your system and make some changes you have to change the programme but here is the biggest trouble! You are not a programmer.

Now let me tell you about a Android Application called Xposed.

Xposed is small application which allows to change the programme or you can say it is the key to tweak without being a programmer.If you got a rooted phone and Xposed installed then you can Tweak your device eaisly.Now I am gonna tell you how to install Xposed and active its framework! . Installing Xposed is damn easy so do its framework. All you need is rooted android device.

So let start the tutorial now !!!

Requirements :-

  • Rooted Android device (Read Here How to root android device without PC)
  • Xposed apk (get it here)
  • Little Brain (I am sure you have that)

Process :-

1.Download the Xposed apk from provides link and install it.

2. After installation process is completed, open the Xposed application and make sure your device is rooted. (How to Root any Android Device without PC)

3.Now you will get 6 options as shown in screenshot below (Framework, Modules,Download,Settings, Logs,About)

4.Now tap Framework to open and you will get a screen as shown below.

5.Now tap on Install and it will ask for Root Access and you have to allow it

6.Now after few seconds you will get a message that the installation was successful and now you have to reboot your device ! Don’t Cancel it or it won’t work just tap OK to make a soft reboot !

You are done ! You have successfully installed and activated Xposed fans its framework !

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