How To Fix "Unfortunately Your System UI has Stopped Error" In Your Smartphone

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In this post I am gonna tell you how to fix Unfortunately System UI has Stopped !So you got an error like com.android.process.media or com.android.process.acore has stopped and it keeps popping up on your screen from time to time and it gets so irritating. So here’s an alternative way to fix a system error without losing your user data.

It will fix all stopping problems like:-

  • Unfortunately Android System UI has Stopped

  • (Some App) Is Not Responding

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Things we need:


Titanium backup (with complete backup of your user and system apps).A backup of your contacts, calendar, accounts etc.. (Everything you need) (Not made by Titanium, As you might restore the data that cause the system error com.android.process.acore has stopped.)


Note: I’m not responsilbe for any data loss or if you messed up your phone. This is just an alternative way to fix your system errors without losing user data.

Let’s get started:

  • Step 1) Make sure you have seperate backup of your contacts, calendar, etc. (Once again, Not backup of Titanium.)
  • Step 2) Open Titanium Backup and wait for it to load everything. Once done, proceed to step 3.
  • Step 3) Click the search button then click filter button.
  • Step 4) Untick User and Uninstall then click check button at the top right corner.
  • Step 5) Click Backup/Restore. Check if all listed apps are system apps (by default you’ll see Green, Red, Yellow name of apps which means they are system apps and/or part of the system)
  • Step 6) Go to Batch Actions (Click the box with check icon at the top right corner.)
  • Step 7) Scroll Down to “Manipulate data” section.
  • Step 8 ) Click “Wipe data for user & system apps” (Don’t forget to wipe dalvik cache if you need to.)
  • Step 9) Reboot
  • Step 10) Restore the data of your contacts, calendar, accounts, etc. (Everything you need) From the backup you made from other backup utilities. (Not made by Titanium Backup)

Note: You may only restore your system data from Titanium Backup if you don’t encounter error like com.android.process.xxxxxxx has stopped.

That’s all.

Following steps mentioned above will fix both problems

  • com.android.process has stopped
  • Unfortunately (Application) has stopped 
  • (Application) is not responding

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